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Hello, a healthy good day, and welcome to the Escentia Products website. Our purpose is the supply of a very large range of products for use in aromatherapy, with particular emphasis on essential oils, in which we are experts. Our mission statement, "Empowerment of all Therapists for true healing" holds strong, as we are committed to supplying therapists, health shops, pharmacists, etc, with an extremely cost effective range of therapeutic goods. As a small, family owned business with low distribution costs, we are able to give you more power for the money you spend on aromatherapy than virtually anywhere else. Our excellent essential oil quality is already widely accepted, and we would go so far as to say our range is one of the largest group of therapeutic products in Africa. We have been trading in essential oils for over a decade, and as an added benefit, we offer talks or lectures on essential oils as well as vegetable, or carrier oils, as well as a specialized module in aromatic chemistry presented to beauty schools around Southern Africa. This popular lecture on the chemistry of essential oils is widely utilized, as very few persons are able to put this important therapeutic chemical message across to trainee therapists in an understandable way.

We'll be offering regular articles on specific essential oils, and hope to highlight some interesting essential oil activities in Southern Africa, which are thankfully growing from year to year, as our farmers get to grips with the niceties of essential oil production.

30% of our essential oils and vegetable oils are now purchased from local farmers/producers, but we also have an interest in the more exotic essential oils, for specialized aromatherapy. We are continuously searching for unusual and rare essential oils that may be beneficial to advanced aromatherapists, as an added tool to the healing potential that they represent in the hands of good aromatherapist.