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kigelia africana

An in depth study of the Kigelia fruit has been carried out by Ming Majoe, a pharmacist originally from Zimbabwe and based in England. Mr. Majoe’s paper is available on the internet and claims that numerous case studies using Kigelia preparations to treat both chronic and acute skin conditions such as psoriasis have proven to be very effective. He concludes that topical preparations of Kigelia are well tolerated and soothing to the skin. This soothing quality is another benefit for treating itchy insect bites, rashes and the itchiness associated with psoriasis.

Kigelia cream also slows down bleeding from cuts to the skin and accelerates healing.

Kigelia extracts have become popular in certain French cosmetics and a Kigelia skin car product is produced locally in South Africa !

This product, produced in South Africa, is excellent as a topical application for the treatment of skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, boils, acne, wrinkles, sun damaged skin and skin cancer.